Today we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo to listen to Neeleeo.  Charlie absolutely loves music and this music time is the best!  She is getting old enough to really get into it and she shakes her little maracas.  

Now that Charlie is one, she needs me slightly less than she did in the first months.  There are plenty of places online to learn about the first year, but I want to focus on the time beyond that.  What do you do with a one year old?  We play!

Although today we played with some new birthday toys, most days it's not with toys.  We don't actually have a lot of toys.  This blog is more about finding fun around the house.  One year olds enjoy playing with everything.  If you are looking for some ideas, follow me and my girl.  

Well, we made it!  365 days.  Charlie had her first birthday today.  We had a great day celebrating this little girl with a small gathering of our family and friends.

What a year!  We had Charlie in Melbourne, Australia and we packed up our lives and relocated to Chicago when she was just six weeks old.  I wanted to be closer to my family, so after 7 years in Australia I finally convinced my husband to make the move.  It wasn't easy for him as he had always lived in Melbourne.  He was lucky enough to keep his job there and work remotely.  That was a bonus for us as we had planned on living on our savings until we found jobs here.  I took my maternity leave and have been working part-time from home.  

This change in lifestyle has allowed us the wonderful opportunity to be there pretty much every minute of our daughter's first year.  We are truly blessed!